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Yoga Classes:

Yoga, which traces its roots back 5000 years, is the oldest defined practice of self-development.  The methods of classical yoga include ethical disciplines, physical postures, breathing control and meditation.  Traditionally an Eastern practice, it has become popular in the West, and currently there are over 100 styles to practice.  There is a common misconception that yoga is rooted in Hinduism.  On the contrary, Hinduism’s religious structures evolved much later and incorporated some of the practices of yoga.
The general impression in America is that yoga is stretching and twisting into odd positions.  Though stretching is certainly involved, yoga is really about creating balance in the body through the development of inner and outer strength, and inner and outer flexibility.  This is done through the performance of poses called asanas in Sanskrit, each of which has specific physical and emotional benefits.  The poses can be done quickly in succession, creating heat in the body through movement, or slowly to increase stamina and perfect the alignment of the pose.  The asanas are a constant in the practice of yoga, but the approach to them varies depending on the tradition in which the teacher has trained. 



In addition to practicing the poses, yoga classes might also include instruction on breathing and meditation.  Some people find that the physical practice of yoga becomes a gateway into a spiritual exploration, while others just enjoy a wonderful low-impact workout that makes them feel great. 

Yoga teachers will often refer to your practice, which means your individual experience with yoga as it develops over time.  The amazing thing about yoga is that your practice is always evolving, so it never gets boring.  Although the poses themselves do not change, your relationship to them will.  Anyone can start a yoga practice, regardless of age or physical ability.  Yoga is even an effective complement to highly athletic pursuits like running and tennis, as it helps heal repetitive impact injuries and strains, and to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence


The benefits of practicing are dramatic, and include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduced stress
  • Sound sleep
  • Reduced cortisol levels
  • Healing chronic injuries
  • Allergy and asthma symptom relief
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced anxiety and muscle tension
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Lower heart rate
  • Spiritual growth
  • Sense of well-being
  • Slowed aging process




Frequently Asked Yoga Questions:

What is Yoga?
It is a health practice developed over thousands of years as a component of Eastern philosophy.  Yoga challenges you mentally as well as athletically.  A class usually consists of a series of postures called asanas that flow together with the breath.  The connection of breath and movement help bring balance and calm to the body and the mind. 

I have never done yoga before, where do I start?
There is no better time to start yoga then right now.  Yoga can and should be customized to optimize well being for every age and fitness level.  Currently Infiniti Wellness Center offers beginner’s level adult classes.

What should I bring to my first class?
Bring a yoga mat, if you have one (or you may purchase one at Infiniti Wellness Center, and a large towel (bath sheet or beach towel size).  You can bring water if you like. 

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable, fitted clothes that stretch.  You might be upside down with your limbs in the air, and loose fitting clothing can get in the way.  The practice room is warm and you will build body heat, so it is advisable to dress in light layers.  You will also be practicing without shoes.

What if I am not flexible?
Yoga is not about bending your body into unnatural positions.  The goal of yoga is to improve your physical and emotional health.  Regular practice will limber your joints and muscles, reduce aches and ease stress and anxiety. 

How should I prepare for class?
Avoid large meals 3 hours prior to class.  In general, you should follow the same guidelines as if you were going to an aerobics, spinning, zumba class or any other athletic endurance training activity.

What if I am working with a previous injury or medical condition?
Always check with your health care provider prior to starting any new exercise regimen.  Tell your yoga instructor about the injury or medical condition (including pregnancy).  They will modify poses to suit your needs.  Also, work with the limits of your injury.  Forcing your body will not heal it. 

How many times a week should I practice yoga?
Infiniti Wellness Center holds classes once a week.  Once you learn the basics, practicing 2-3 times a week on your own is an effective schedule. 

Is yoga a religion?
No.  Yoga is one facet of an eight-limbed secular system of living called Ashtanga.  The system advises a healthy lifestyle and a mindful, generous attitude.  As such, it is complimentary to the practice of organized religions.

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