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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):

We all have problems. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some people push their problems deep inside of themselves. Some people bring them right to the surface and act on them by meditating, crying, yelling, swearing, going for a walk or punching a wall. People who do this are in a way processing the emotion but sometimes it can be destructive. Many people however, do not process at all and instead ignore and hope it will go away. At the end of the day whatever part of that emotion that was not processed causes an emotional block in your energy system. This energy block is what causes the little voice inside your head to keep playing the situation over and over like a broken record. Some people call that psychobabble. We all do it to some degree. Did you ever notice that playing a thought over and over like, "I can't believe he said I was fat," does not make you feel better? Actually, the more you play these thoughts over and over again the worse you feel because your energy is being drained by the thoughts and the block is getting stronger.


Many experts agree that after a while you start to have physical pain associated with those emotions trapped inside of you. You know the strange headache that comes over you when your mother-in-law is coming to visit? Those symptoms are real and you have created them with your thoughts. Did you ever have a pain in your neck not realizing that you had to meet someone for business that day and they are a real "pain in the neck"? None of this is coincidence. we create most of our pain both emotionally and physically by the way we think and interpret our reality. 

An example of this is something we all have experienced. For instance, you are at a movie and the hero is hanging from a ledge by his finger tips. How is your body reacting? You are not in danger but your subconscious mind still perceives it. You are not in harms way so why is your heart pounding like it is going to jump out of your chest? Why do you have that knot in the pit of your stomach? It is your perception of the dangerous situation in the movie. The same applies to every day life. The stress in your life is your interpretation of the situation you are in and your perception of it leads to headaches, stomach pain, neck and shoulder pain and a myriad of other symptoms. Get ready to tap them away!!

The Emotional Freedom Techniques is a healing modality brought to the world by a man named Gary Craig. Gary had studied with a Psychologist named Dr. Roger Callahan. Dr. Callahan was studying acupuncture and suggested that a client with a stomach ache tap under her eye to release the pain. What he did not expect was her phobia for water was cured at the same time. Dr Callahan called his new therapy Thought Field Therapy. Gary Craig took what he had learned from Dr. Callahan and developed it into what he called The Emotional Freedom Techniques. The changes Gary made allowed anyone to do it effectively even if they have no background in diagnosing physical and psychological problems. With a little bit of practice with yourself and others, you will be seeing results that will amaze you.


So, what is it already??

The Emotional Freedom Techniques works by identifying a problem and holding it in your awareness. Then while you are aware of the problem you tap with your fingers on 9 well known acupuncture points. By holding the awareness and tapping the points at the same time, you release the negative energy that was blocking the normal energy flow. The basic premise of EFT is this statement, "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." Negative energy that is stuck in your body eventually starts to cause pain. When we use EFT to remove a disruption in the energy system and allow the energy to flow again, the body goes back into balance and the pain fades away as the meridian is cleared. You actually only have two conditions, in balance and out of balance.

Frequently Asked Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Questions:

Can it hurt me if I do it wrong?
Absolutely not!  If there is a wrong, it is not tapping at all.

If it is based on acupuncture do I have to use needles?
Stimulation of the meridian points takes place by tapping with your fingers not needles.

Do I need someone to tap on these points for me?
You will most often do the tapping on yourself.

Does EFT help change your mind about a bothersome issue?
Often a cognitive shift takes place so that you just see things differently.

Can I still do EFT if I cannot bear to say my problem out loud?
Absolutely, you simply bring to memory and hold it in your awareness.

Is EFT safe for children?
Children love it and little babies do too, but you simply massage in little circles for babies. You don't tap on them, they are too sensitive.

How can I learn EFT?
Classes are taught at Infiniti Wellness Center. An EFT class will change your life forever.

How can EFT help physical pain.
Physical pain is usually supported by an emotional disturbance that gets lodged in your body.

What kind of things should I try it on?
Try it on everything, it cannot hurt, it can only help!

What if the pain gets worse?
That means you have made contact with the source of the pain and it has opened up allowing more pain. Keep tapping the pain will be gone soon.

Denny Sulava
EFT Advance Coach /Teacher
(working with EFT since 2001)               
Reiki Master
Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Certified Matrix Reimprinting Coach
33 years teaching experience
BS and MS in Education
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